Five Reasons to Schedule your Dermatologist Appointment Right Away

It is not uncommon for us to have faced at least some type of skin concern at some point in our lives. And most often, we look up to the “infamous” dermatologist Google for all our unanswered questions; in most cases, those little easy home remedies tend to work out fine. But sometimes, our skin needs the right amount of pampering and care that it deserves, for it is the largest organ of our body. Not every time can we rely on the assistance of google for all our skin problems because certain skin concerns require proper diagnosis and treatments. 


While most other health conditions are cared for at an early stage, most often, people choose to ignore minor skin concerns and initial symptoms surrounding them, which eventually transform into something bigger than expected. Sometimes the symptoms may be as mild as a minor rash, but we might miss noticing that it might be due to an underlying condition and this is where a dermatologist comes into the picture. 


With the advent of a lot of customized skin care and hair care in the market, personal care has become hassle-free and this has developed a habit in us to skip our meetings with dermatologists. 


So when to see a dermatologist? Do you have any rashes on your skin that might have appeared suddenly, or do you notice more severe hair fall than usual? It might be time to pay a visit to your dermatologist. Here are 5 reasons for you to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist right away. 


Persistent and severe acne

Aren’t we all the same when it comes to treating acne? We overlook the initial stage and combat them with harsh drugstore products. When it finally gets out of hand, we run to our dermatologists. Firstly we have to understand that all acne is not the same. Hence treating different types of pimples using the same products without understanding the cause wouldn’t work for us well in the long run. 


The appearance of dry patches on the skin

The sudden appearance of dry patches could be because of skin allergies or even psoriasis. It is mandatory to meet a dermatologist to determine its causes. Only by diagnosing the causes can we comprehend the treatments. 


An itchy rash that wouldn’t go away

An itchy rash that wouldn’t go away can be very irritating. Look out for redness and inflammation. If the rash is getting very itchy, it is time for you to see a doctor. 


Severe hair fall

Severe hair fall and hair thinning are major concerns to look out for. Lack of nutrition might be a reason for the sudden hair fall. Hair thinning can also create self-esteem issues which might be hard to cope with. If you start noticing unusual hair fall, please do not wait in the hope of your home remedies to work. Instead, get an appointment with your dermatologist right away. 



You might be wondering why you would need to meet a doctor for a mere issue like dandruff, as it is a common problem faced by most adults. Sorry to pop that little bubble of yours! All dandruff isn’t the same. While for some people, the common cause of dandruff is dry scalp, for others, it can be because of excessive oil production called Sebaceous Dandruff. Excess dandruff eventually leads to severe hair fall and hair thinning. Better pay a visit to your dermatologist before it is too late. 


Apart from all the above-mentioned reasons, it is always wise to get an annual skin check-up. Just like a yearly body check-up, examining your skin is a must. Certain conditions like melanoma or skin cancer, if diagnosed in the initial phase, can help in the treatment and completely be cured. 

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