5 chemicals to avoid in body care

Using various marketing strategies, the cosmetic industry is booming. The effect of social media and celebrities also increases the rate of cosmetic purchases. The constantly changing climatic factors, and the high amount of pollution is showing the effect of cosmetics on the skin. Skin deterioration is now a common concern among frequent cosmetic users. Thus the evolution of cosmetic products in the market. This concern for healthy and safe skin, questions cosmetic companies that use chemical ingredients in their products.

The instant results given by cosmetics, and the pressure of celebrities and influences, make people buy and use products without going through a thorough read of its ingredients. Skin care experts have pointed out a number of chemicals used in cosmetic products that are known to yield opposite results to what you maybe looking for. And the skin, being the largest organ, absorbs many of the ingredients applied on it, giving it direct exposure to all the harm. Amongst many others, these are 5 chemicals that you need to completely avoid in your cosmetic products :



Parabens are the most commonly found harmful chemical that is used in almost all skincare products. Parabens help preserve the cosmetic item for a longer amount of time. It prevents the formation of bacteria or fungi within the products, but being a synthetic preserver it is quite harmful for the skin. It causes hormonal imbalances, and studies are yet to confirm the role it plays in stimulating breast cancer in women.


Almost every skincare product has fragrance added as an ingredient. In fact, fragrance of products is one of its key selling points. As the ingredients list mentions fragrance, the chemical used for this purpose is left unknown. This is even more problematic as companies tend to use a mixture of chemicals to achieve their right kind of fragrance. This may yield to the development of allergies and inflammations, and can even have worse toxic effects on the body.


This is another chemical commonly used to increase cosmetic softness and flexibility. It is also called a plasticiser, and prevents the breakage of the product for a longer period. This chemical causes adverse effects like hormonal imbalances, which in turn affects the reproductive system and even cause cancer. What is more distressing is that many products include this chemical for fragrance, and so might not even be listed on the ingredients list.


Sodium Lauryl Sulphate / Sodium Laureth Sulphate is the ingredient in bodywash and shampoo that create the foaming bubble effect. It is found in more than 90% of cleaning products outside the cosmetic range. While SLS in itself is a skin irritant and can cause major problems in the long run, it can also combine with other chemicals in the products to form even deadlier combinations. It is detrimental in causing skin and eye irritations, redness and flaky skin.


Formaldehyde dissolved in water, known as formalin, or other chemicals that release formaldehyde are used in many cosmetic products in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and other product defecting organisms. In small amounts it may not be that lethal, but absorbed in large amounts by the skin can cause serious skin irritations and long term skin diseases.


It is ironic to say that we spend quite a lot of money and time on body care to make our bodies better and healthier, only to know that they bring great harm to our bodies. It is time that we quit blindly following beauty trends. You need to understand your skin and hair types, and choose products with limited chemicals, and a thorough knowledge of those used.

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