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Dark Circles – 7 common causes and easy home remedies
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Dark Circles – 7 common causes and easy home remedies

Do you suffer from dark circles under the eyes? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Dark circles under lower eyelids are one of the most common beauty concerns. Though there are genetic reasons and illnesses behind it, majority of the causes behind dark circles are very common.


Lack of proper sleep

The most popular reason behind dark circles. Sleeping lesser or more can cause dark circles. Sleeping as per the requirement of one’s body will eliminate tiredness, and is essential for proper digestion, to keep us healthy and energetic.

Lack of proper nutrition

It is a well-known fact that dark circles are a symptom of anemia or iron deficiency, which can be easily avoided through nutritious foods. Replenishing collagen and elasticity of the skin through a balanced diet will energize and relax us, keeping dark circles away.


Lack of proper water supply makes our body tired, causing bags and dark circles under the eyes. The skin around our eyes lies closer to the underlying bone, and lack of fluids will make blood vessels more prominent there, resulting in dull eyes. Proper hydration is inevitable to keep energy and maintain healthy body functions.

Bad habits

Habits like smoking and alcohol consumption is well known for causing dark circles around the eyes. Such habits can negatively affect sleeping, digestion, and general health. Avoid these unwanted habits to lead a healthy and happy life.


Certain allergies related to skin or gut causes dark circles. Allergens differ from person to person. So, be alert to stay away from edible stuff and external substances, if it is causing allergy.


As we all know, stress causes physical, mental as well as emotional setbacks. Stress causes tiredness, resulting in dark circles. Being wise to understand various circumstances causing personal stress and staying away from them can keep dark circles away.


A natural cause behind dark circles. Ensure routine skincare, exercise regularly, and ensure daily nutrition to keep ourselves fit and reduce signs of aging, naturally.


Well, those were some of the causes of dark circles that can be easily identified and taken care of. Now, let’s look at seven simple home remedies for dark circles.



Cut cucumber and place the slices over your closed-eyes covering the areas surrounding it. High water content in cucumber will hydrate, and Vitamin C in cucumber will nourish the skin under it, eliminating issues like dark circles under eyes.

Rosewater (or Gulab Jal)

Apply cotton soaked in rose water under eyes, leave it for 15 minutes. Rosewater can strengthen and rejuvenate the skin, slow down aging, and avoid dark circles.


Apply honey making a thin layer under the eyes. Leave it for a maximum of 20 minutes and then rinse with water. Honey naturally nourishes skin preventing skin issues like dark circles.

Lemon Juice

Carefully apply lemon juice under the eyes. Leave it for a maximum of 10 minutes before washing off. Lemon juice’s high Vitamin C, as well as citric acid content, will rejuvenate and brighten our skin, reducing dark circles.


Apply cotton soaked in a quarter bowl of pure, cold milk under eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing with regular water. Milk nourishes the skin to make it more smooth and tight. To be added, the lactic acid content in milk can reduce fine lines and other signs of aging like dark circles.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Apply it on the areas around your eyes, very gently massage clock-wise and anti-clock-wise. Leave it overnight. Coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes skin, avoiding dark circles under eyes.

Ice Cubes

Put ice cubes in a plastic bag, and gently press the surrounding areas of your eyes with it, for a maximum of 10 minutes. This can hydrate skin, as well as narrow down blood vessels under eyes, drastically reducing dark circles.


We all know that makeups and various treatments can make dark circles disappear. Makeups are only temporary, and treatments can be costly, not easy to get, as well as may not provide a complete solution. So, it is better to find out whether any of these common causes are behind your dark circles and to adopt some of these simple home remedies to get rid of it.