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Perfect lip care routine for a perfect pout
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Perfect lip care routine for a perfect pout

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts when it comes to the human body. This is because of the presence of numerous nerve endings. Even slight friction could send a cascade of information to the brain as they act as one of the finest receptors in the entire body. The skin on our lips is thinner compared to that of the skin on the other parts of our body. And because of this, the skin on lips are more prone to chaps and cracks. This is why it is essential to give extra care to the lips.

Our skin produces oil by itself with the help of oil glands and thus our skin is naturally moisturised. But when it comes to lips, this doesn’t happen as lips have a lesser amount of oil glands in it. In addition to that, lips don’t have the ability to create melanin from inside. And hence, lips cannot protect themselves from anything that affects. We go to great lengths to protect our skin, but too often, our lips get overlooked. Protecting the lips as you do your face is essential to maintaining a softer and more supple smile. Here is one essential care routine for your lips.



Hydrating lips is as important as hydrating the body and skin. Drink gallons of water to regulate hydration. Keep a water bottle nearby to hydrate frequently. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day or the equivalent of half your body weight in ounces. The air around us can make our lips feel dry out and thus it can cause chapping and cracking. Hydration can moisturize your lips so easily. To keep your lips hydrated overnight, plug in a humidifier or apply some lip balm/moisturizer before going to the bed. This will let it feel softer and make it plump by the time you wake up.


Exfoliation is key in getting soft, smooth, and supple lips. Exfoliation is a must to remove dead and flaky skin from your lips. For exfoliation, sugar can be used. One can find lip scrub products also in the market to exfoliate the lips. To exfoliate, take a small amount of the lip scrub in your finger and massage it onto your lips in circular motions, do that until you’ve exfoliated both the top and bottom lips. You should only exfoliate about once a week to avoid dryness and brittleness. Exfoliating more than once in a week could destroy the elements in lips and can cause damage to the lip skin.


The delicate skin on the lips and around the mouth is prone to dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Applying under eye cream, or a good lip balm could solve this problem. Keep a moisturizing and soothing lip balm in your pocket or your purse. Look for natural wax balms enriched with hydrating ingredients like shea butter, almond, jojoba or coconut oils. These ingredients are rich in Vitamin E, which soothes and hydrates cracked lips.


Along with these steps, protection is also important. Lips don’t have the ability to create melanin. Hence there are no shields when it comes to lip care. To protect the lips from sun and wind damages, use SPF lip products daily before going out in the sun. Use an SPF lip moisturizer and/or lipstick every day, rain or shine, to protect your lips from the sun.


Following this routine could provide you with the perfect lips to flaunt with. Follow a healthy diet plan and choose the right lipstick to make your lips feel better. Enjoy healthy lips!