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6 New Year Resolutions to get Beautiful Skin
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6 New Year Resolutions to get Beautiful Skin

A new year is coming and you know what it means right – resolutions. Resolutions, okay, so we all hate New Year’s resolutions, and we never really stick to them. But that shouldn’t stop us from trying! With 2020 right around the corner, it’s time to plan the New Year’s resolutions. We bet many of you have already started making new year’s resolutions in relation to health, fitness, and lifestyle. But what about the skincare department? Have you made plans to look more beautiful this new year? If no, don’t worry we got you covered. We’ve picked out a range of new year skincare resolutions that would help you step into a new year looking younger with brighter, healthier skin. So here are some skin-care resolutions worth sticking to.


Drink up

Water is a great thing, and your skin needs a lot of it. Drink as much as you need throughout the course of the day. Drink to your health.


A good diet can work magic. Like exercise, I’m sure many, many people already have this planned, but I suppose the skincare benefits could just add that extra motivation you need to stick with it. A poor diet can cause breakouts and sullen-looking skin, whereas a good diet can provide your body with all the nutrients you need for great skin.


Some people might scoff at the idea of making a New Year’s resolution to sleep for at least 8 hours a day, but it is a very valid resolution, especially for your skin. Not only can sleep help you keep those dark circles under your eyes at bay, but it also reduces stress, which is one of the primary causes of acne.

Stop touching your face

This might be the most difficult of all the skincare resolutions there are and the biggest challenge for most of us. Picking spots and blemishes will not do you any good if anything it only makes them last longer, but it can also result in scarring and increased breakouts. Leave your blemishes alone, treat them properly, and be patient. It’s worth it!

Commit to sun protection

Slathering on a layer of SPF each morning before you go out can protect your skin from damaging UV rays that can penetrate the skin. Like it or not, sun protection is an absolute must. You should take responsibility for protecting your skin with sun protection measures.

Make it out to the salon

Your skin will thank you for it. In order to keep your skin looking its absolute best, try to make it out to the salon for a facial every month.


With these skincare resolutions, you’ll be on your way to healthy and radiant-looking skin in no time. So instead of planning new year resolutions and abandoning it. Aspire to stick to the resolutions throughout the year and get ready for the biggest surprise of your life. We wish you a happy new year. Stay motivated, stay beautiful.



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