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Drink water to stay young
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Drink water to stay young

Water is a natural drink which is vital to every living thing. Consuming enough water is inevitable to keep ourselves hydrated, detoxified and energetic. The major connecting fluid in every human body is blood, of which more than 90% is made of water.


For glowing skin

Skin is the largest organ in a human body which plays a major role in our appearance, affecting our self-esteem as well as confidence. Ensuring proper water supply will regulate blood circulation and bring out our natural glow. Water can moisturize and hydrate our skin. Proper moisturization can also reverse the aging process by delaying wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, etc.

For shining hair & nails

Hair is a major part of our appearance, which can even alter the way we look. Drinking water will transmit energy to the scalp on which our hair is located. Water also prevents dirt from being mounted on our scalp. So, proper hydration is a basic requirement to maintain a healthy, beautiful, and strong hair. Nails will be kept nourished through proper hydration. This will make our nails thicker and less brittle.

For weight loss

Several studies have revealed the role of water in weight-loss. Water can reduce our food intake by giving a filled-feeling in the stomach. The liver & kidneys are the detoxifying organs in our body which also burns body fat. Lack of proper water supply will slow down the body’s kidney-function, increasing the burden on its liver. If so, the liver will not be able to function properly resulting in fat deposits and weight gain. All these show how proper water supply prevents fat-deposits and keeps our body in shape.


It has been widely known that on average, a human needs 1.5 to 2 litres of water in a day. Drink enough water to maintain the efficient functioning of various body processes to keep yourself healthy. Health keeps us happy, beautiful, and younger. So, drink water, keep healthy, bring beauty, and stay young!



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