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How to maintain your complexion in this scorching heat
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How to maintain your complexion in this scorching heat

This blistering heat can stick around, which literally means that you are more liable to sweat. Now, this can intensify the oily trait of your skin. Simultaneously there is a parallel climate change, as autumn is at the brim, can make parched skin feel even more dried out and dehydrated. Apart from these weather woes, there is more challenge. The humidity and hot temperature when get combined can dry out the skin pores, and sweat will get clogged in them. Continuous sun exposure can source early signs of premature ageing along with potential UV jeopardies.

Instead of living with a rough patched, dotted and blemish skin, it’s time to beat the heat. Balancing your complexion when there is heavy heat is one tough task. Here are some ideas to get a well-balanced complexion for those people who wander under the sun.

Prevent Oiliness

You will never feel good in hot climate with oily skin. Using greasy and sticky products could worsen the skin by letting pollutants in. Instead of using creams and other viscous cosmetics, the better is to get used with powdery stuff so that the oiliness stays out. Oil bloating sheets can also be used during sunny days to eliminate the oil factor.

Slay it with Sunscreen

Outsmart the sun using a sunscreen. Apart from the cliché of sun-kissed wow skin, the flip side can give a lot more sun damage with the UV rays. Choose wisely on sunscreens so that it could be a shield to your skin for the rest of the season. An oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen lotion can be the best choice if the SPF factor is 30 or higher. Choosing an explicit lightweight formula can allow the skin to breathe inside.

Hydrate to Hide Flakes

Hydration is essential if the skin meets the humidity more often. Using hydrating masks twice a week can be a boon to the skin. Hydration can also remove excess oil from the skin, thus reducing impurities at a better rate. Hydration can minimize flaking of skin and can redeem it into the glow factor.

Say Yes to Lukewarm Water

When the sun is flaring up, it is not right to use hot water to wash the face. Hot water soaks away the sebum content from the skin, and this eliminates the internal moisture. Lukewarm water is the best to use when the temperature is too hot.

Drink Plenty of Water

Consuming ample amount of water is indispensable to cool down the internal organs from the heat. Drinking eight cups of water per day can improve hydration from the inside, digestion, and circulation of blood. This can also eliminate toxins from the body.

Toner Therapy

Toning prevents the skin from clogging, but at the same time, it moisturizes the skin. Using a toner after cleaning the skin can eliminate dead skin cells. Regular toning therapy can be a boon for acne less, glowing skin as it reduces the pore size and avoids dirt and pollutants from getting locked over the skin.


Hot weather can cause mayhem to the skin. Try the seasonal modifications to your skincare routine and feel free to enjoy the sunshine!



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